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  • tiktok video marketing campaign tips that target gen z
    TikTok Video Marketing Campaign Tips that Target Gen Z

    If there’s one group of buyers every marketer is aiming to please, it’s Gen Z. Those born after 1996 have been immersed in digital culture and consumerism for their entire lives, and it has dramatically shifted the way they think, behave and shop. Due to the internet usage proficiency level of Gen Z, there is ... Read more

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  • your 7-step youtube marketing strategy
    Your 7-step YouTube marketing strategy

    Harness the power of video for successful digital marketing. YouTube is a powerful tool for digital marketing and growing business brands. Creating video content may seem easy but creating a video that can effectively leave an impact can be difficult. Here are some tips on how you can best utilize video for business YouTube marketing ... Read more

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  • 50 best marketing ideas for vacant land in 2023
    50 Best Marketing Ideas for Vacant Land in 2023

    A vacant lot is an excellent investment opportunity. You can sell the land or lease it to a developer for a price that would be higher than the value of just a piece of unimproved land. However, many people just don’t know how to market their vacant lots. That is one of the reasons we ... Read more

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  • why your business needs a blog in 2023
    Why your Business Needs a blog in 2023

    It’s another busy year, and I’m sure you are looking forward to growing your business online or taking it to the next level. I believe you know the latest trend and rave of business, Online presence! Of course, seize this opportunity, as I walk you through ways to scale your business with blogging. What is ... Read more

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  • how to start a wordpress blog in just 5 minutes
    How to start a WordPress blog in just 5 minutes

    Have you been looking for how to start a blog in WordPress? Well, look no further because this post will give you all the answers you need. For most people, WordPress.org (self-hosted WordPress) is the best blogging platform. Why? Because you can install plugins, personalize your blog design, and most significantly, generate money from your ... Read more

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  • how to create a blog on blogger step by step in 2023
    How to Create a Blog on Blogger Step by Step in 2023

    Blogger helps you create an amazing blog for your site fast. It’s free. In this post, you will get a step-by-step guide (with pictures) on how to create a blog with blogger for both existing and new businesses. But before then, let’s talk about… Why your business needs a blog  While most major companies have ... Read more

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  • 30 best passive income ideas to build wealth in 2023
    30 Best passive income ideas to Build Wealth in 2023

    Real passive income ideas are the only way to build wealth. In this blog post, I’ll share 30 passive income ideas that actually work, and you can implement to make money while you sleep. They range from investing in stocks and bonds to starting your own business or freelancing online. Some of these ideas may ... Read more

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  • what does gyatt mean on tiktok
    What Does Gyatt Mean on Tiktok

    With millions of users on the TikTok App, one shouldn’t expect fewer slang terms and acronyms usage.  Just like other social media platforms the word ‘gyatt’ is one of those slang terms and acronyms usually used on TikTok. Other slang terms include Rizz, and Slay amongst others.  The frequency of its usage doesn’t necessarily mean ... Read more

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  • new zealand debt management (5 best  wayouts)
    New Zealand Debt Management (5 Best Wayouts)

    New Zealanders pay a high cost of living with unexpected expenses, such as natural disasters. You can’t ignore medical bills and other financial emergencies. That is why debt feels like an inevitable reality. With high living costs, expenses, and debt, an average Kiwi carries a lot of stress. We have written this New Zealand debt ... Read more

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