Passive Income MD Blog Reviews 2022


Passive Income MD Blog was created by Peter Kim MD, a young and entrepreneurial-minded medical practitioner. The idea to build this blog came when he was on the mission to find ways to generate passive income so that he may spend more time with family and loved ones.

Passive Income MD is an entrepreneur blog that regular and useful tips to doctors and other medical practitioners across the world. It has categories like Passive Income, M.D, Passive Income, Fin Independence / Fin Freedom, Investing, Personal Finance, Real Estate, Recommended, WCI Network, and Journal Club. Vietnamese Best Forum has more than 60.3K unique visitors according to SEMrush and also ranked in 214,571k position on Alexa. The website domain has been existing for more than 6 years.

Passive Income MD will help you in pursuing your new financial projects and expanding your passive income streams, but there’s more to it than lt also help you make adjustments in life, reevaluate previous decisions, and seek advice from individuals who have already attained comparable goals.

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Passive Income MD as a Source of Residual Income Ideas for Physicians

The entrepreneur angle of this blog was what attracts the wealthgist team most. Any serious-minded medical doctor will set up successful and even multiple sources of income in the first three months of reading the blog. They publish finance and Passive Income ideas as Physicians’ tips in real-time.